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Developed over 40 years, PURVIS’ core competencies in defense systems design, engineering, operations, maintenance, testing, and training allow us to create and deliver exceptional value to our customers. We continue to invest in these strengths as a core differentiator of our business.


PURVIS Defense Expertise

PURVIS’ extensive involvement in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Mine Warfare (MIW), Undersea Warfare (USW) over the course of a 40 year+ relationship with the Navy has given us a deep understanding of complex weapons systems from a design, testing, and implementation point of view.


Purvis Defense - Partnering

Through long standing and trusted partnerships with government agencies, large prime contractors and other small businesses, PURVIS has built a solid reputation for developing and supporting mission critical systems and ensuring that they perform to their maximum effectiveness – always.

Case In Point

Training Challenges Resolved with 3D Graphics

PURVIS has been recognized for its high quality graphics and cutting edge 3D animations which have improved fleet training and resulted in undersea warfare concepts becoming programs of record. The ability to understand an engineer’s concept and depict this idea graphically is unique and accelerates the learning process. Click on the link below for an example of PURVIS’ addressing a key naval training challenge with 3D animation.

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Battle-Tested. Reliable. Mission-Ready.

At PURVIS, we understand that every department of defense mission is life-critical. That’s why we work with our federal agencies and partners to ensure that your systems and processes are optimized for reliability and peak performance under all conditions.