Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) – is a part of naval warfare used to find, track and deter, damage or destroy enemy submarines and protecting friendly ships.

Anti-Submarine Warfare includes a wide range of activities from placing and monitoring passive sensors to actively hunting with teams of submarines, surface ships, and aircraft.  It depends on a range of sensor and weapon technology and training.

PURVIS has led and participated in a wide range of exercises and tests to evaluate the effectiveness of ASW systems and training, including:

  • Three decades of insightful experience of analyzing USN surface ship ASW performance as part of the Ship ASW Readiness Effectiveness Measurement (SHAREM) Program.
  • Testing of advanced prototype systems and promising technologies under the Navy’s Undersea Warfare Employment of Emerging Technology (USWEET) program.
  • Designing large-scale at sea trials for the Naval Warfare Development Command’s to test and evaluate new warfighting concepts via the Fleet Experimentation (FLEX) Program.