The undersea environment is the one domain in which the United States has clear maritime superiority, but this superiority is not unchallenged. A growing number of countries are developing their own undersea capabilities, seeking to exploit the undersea domain for their own purposes. To keep our undersea advantage, we need a combination of new operating capabilities and innovative technologies.

Undersea Warfare Systems

PURVIS’ partnership with the Navy spans 40 years across a full-spectrum of services, ranging from operations and maintenance of the Combat System Laboratories to planning, installation, testing, and training for Acoustic Special Projects. We have expertise in Undersea Warfare operations and technology, naval laboratory operations and organizations, Navy Research, Development, Test and Evaluation infrastructure including roles and responsibilities of Assistant Secretary of the Navy Organizations (Program Executive Offices), Chief of Naval Operations Organizations (Systems Commands) and Fleet and Operational Commands.

PURVIS provides cost effective program support through our targeted use of decidedly skilled personnel and recognized program resources. Our approach includes highly technical, innovative, and robust solutions through the incorporation of:

  • Cost Effective Integrated Logistics and Product Support Services
  • Reliable System Acquisition, Design, Development, and Integration Support
  • Effective Test and Evaluation Procedures
  • Highly Successful System Operational Capability Assessments
  • Quality Controlled System Installation Services
  • Facilities Operation and Materials Fabrication Support

Acoustic Support Program (ASP)

The US Navy is responsible for the full life cycle development of new tactical augmentation systems to meet real-time events around the world. PURVIS has been involved with the planning, installation, testing, and training for these systems since April 2004.

We provide systems engineering support including component/sensor selection, evaluation and integration, design and fabrication of test fixtures. We also fabricate, refurbish, and test components, cable assemblies, interfaces and test systems; develop installation plans, coordinate and conduct installations of systems; and provide on-site maintenance and troubleshooting support for the deployed systems. Our system experts develop training plans, create and maintain the training documentation and curricula, and coordinate and conduct user training.

Integrated Swimmer Defense (ISD) Program

In support of the Global War On Terror (GWOT), PURVIS supported the US Navy’s Homeland Defense (HLD) and Homeland Security (HLS) programs. These initiatives including research, development, test and evaluation of new sensors and systems for swimmer defense, in-water sensing and bio-chemical detection, information technology asset protection, perimeter security, and port and harbor security.

PURVIS has contributed…

  • Development of engineering design proposals.
  • Research and development proposals, including system installation cost and schedules.
  • Strategic assessments, program plans, proposals, and marketing presentations of HLS and HLD technologies, sensors and systems for government and commercial applications of Navy-owned patents and intellectual property.
  • Analysis of alternatives for candidate sonar and radar systems for potential use in the ISD Program, and performed test and evaluation of candidate equipment and systems.
  • System engineering related to the Sentinel Sonar System.
  • Assistance in developing ISD software and algorithms in order to improve the detection and tracking capability of the ISD System.