Installation and Checkout (I&C)/Field Engineering

PURVIS provides complete Installation and Checkout (I&C) services for submarine intelligence systems including alteration package development, shipboard installation and crew training.

Field Support

Our field engineers provide engineering support for submarine acoustic system improvements and technical insertions, technical assessments, and trade-off studies of current technologies. We also develop and maintain training documentation and curriculum for software and hardware builds and tailor training materials to the appropriate audiences; this includes Acoustic Intelligence (ACINT) personnel, Naval officers, Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) enlisted personnel, and Type Commander (TYCOM) representatives. We provide Temporary Alteration (TEMPALT) development support, Casualty Reporting (CASREP) support, equipment installation support, and perform post deployment interviews with ships force to determine system performance and to convey potential areas of system enhancement from the ship to the program office.

Our core competencies include:

  • Develop Installation and Testing Plans
  • Perform laboratory, dockside, and ship board testing and installation
  • Perform near real-time analysis using on-board observations combined with data-gathering and performance monitoring equipment
  • Conduct operations and maintenance hands-on training