Test and Evaluation (T&E)

PURVIS coordinated the conduct, collection and analysis of test data from the sonar, radar and warning systems during evaluation of the Integrated Swimmer Defense (ISD) system for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.


Our T&E services include the full spectrum planning and execution of multiple at-sea exercises, which consist of planning, observing, testing, collecting data, reconstructing, mission analysis, and publishing results. Our T&E expertise includes:

Test & Evaluation Strategy Development

Experienced PURVIS analysts perform a decomposition of system requirements, which subsequently are used in the development of testable parameters and defining objectives.

Test Planning and Technical Documentation

PURVIS test planners are accustomed to attending exercise planning conferences, which is critical to the development of effective technical test documentation and the successful utilization of US Navy assets, and meeting T&E objectives.

Planning/Participating in Test Readiness Reviews (TRRs)

Regardless of where a system may be in its life cycle, PURVIS has proven expertise in planning and participating in TRRs to ensure testing requirements are directly traceable back to a system specification or other program requirements.

Operational Test Execution and Observation

PURVIS personnel travel to each exercise (on-site/at-sea) to ensure test events are executed in compliance with Test & Evaluation Management Plans (TEMPs).

Analysis and Evaluation

Our analysis capabilities include:

Data Analysis and Data Collection Plan Development

To ensure high quality data is collected and analyzed, PURVIS develops comprehensive Data Collection Analysis and Data Collection Plans to ensure all T&E data objectives are met during each testing event.

Reconstruction & Analysis (R&A)

At the conclusion of each event, PURVIS conducts a comprehensive R&A of each event and the all encompassing exercise, which is used to formulate T&E results and recommendations.

Technical Test Reporting

Upon the conclusion of R&A, PURVIS compiles all data analysis, findings and recommendations into a comprehensive final technical report accompanied by associated briefing materials.

R&A Automation Tools

Tapping into our extensive T&E expertise, PURVIS has developed automation tools to assist with data collection and R&A. Two such tools are the Naval Exercise Analysis and Reconstruction System (NEARS) and the Maritime Exercise Analysis System (MEXAS). NEARS imports ship and system data, then reconstructs tracks and determines system detection performance. MEXAS imports R&A data, which provides analysts with a 3D view of the Operational Area.

Automatic Data Collection Equipment (ADCE)

To ensure high quality data is being collected, with as little impact to exercise participants as possible, PURVIS develops ADCE to passively tap into various US Navy systems to gather data during each exercise.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

PURVIS takes great pride in being an “Honest Broker” in providing the Government with an Independent Verification & Validation of the systems the US Navy has delivered to the Fleet and its sailors.

Test & Evaluation Success Story

While measuring the performance of a legacy system employed on US Navy Mine Hunter Coastal (MHC) and Mine Countermeasures (MCM) ships PURVIS analysts identified a significant probability of detection gap over several exercises between the system and sailors employing the system, which was attributed to a training shortfall. As a result of our thorough analysis and recommendations, the US Navy enhanced training for sailors in this particular discipline, which exponentially increased probability of detection performance for the measured system.